WoodPecker Damage on Tree bark

Have you ever happened to notice rows of vertical or horizontal holes in trees and branches? This is the work of Sapsuckers or woodpeckers.

These holes provide outlets for insects to infest and for disease to develop. Both of these variables will kill a tree. Don’t be alarmed though, we have a solution for a Sapsucker problem.

In most cases, the best way to stop woodpecker damage is to stop it from reaching the tree in the first place. We have a number of agreements with bird control companies that specialize in netting. Our first objective would be to see which area the Sapsuckers are targeting and place a wide net around it.

This way they can no longer get in and damage your trees. We’d like to be clear, we don’t ever harm woodpeckers, we simply install a deterrent such as netting to keep them out. Quality Tree Services is a nature-friendly company.

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