Tree Removal Safety Equipment We Use

Safety is the backbone of laborious activities. Safe work is smart work, and that especially applies to tree removal. To safeguard against unpredictable branches and potential hazards, tree removal specialists are required to wear the following safety equipment.

Safety glasses

When removing a tree, your eyes become especially vulnerable to debris fallout and wood chips. These minuscule particles can easily graze your eye, causing incredible discomfort and in extreme cases, impaired vision.


Our hands, when used for rigorous activity, can become very delicate. The act of removing a tree makes hands prone to scrapes, nicks, gouges, and a number of other unpleasant abrasions. Not only do gloves protect against these types of injuries, they provide optimal grippage as well.

Hard hats

Skulls are a very fragile portion of the body. One blow to the head could lead to a serious concussion. Hard hats reduce the chances of this happening with their solid exteriors that protect against dangerous outdoor factors.

Durable shoe wear

Tree removal experts tend to gravitate towards boots for their excellent durability. Steel-toed boots are great for sheltering the top portion of the foot, while spiked soles make for convenient scaling capabilities. A sturdy boot will also be able to withstand harsh working conditions and tough grounds.

Protective clothing

Quality, thick clothing works best when removing trees. Debris is commonplace when performing such activities, which is why full-bodied clothing is key.

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