Tree Disease Control

Ensuring our tree is free of disease is an important aspect in keeping your tree looking strong and healthy. Tree service companies can provide you with tree disease control services to determine the best course of action for a potentially sick tree.

Tree analysis involves checking your trees for the telltale signs of a dying or diseased tree. Checking for greening on new twigs is a surefire way to know if the new wood is dead, dying, or alive and well. Soft areas that seem to be decaying are an indication of a rotting tree, as is any fungus growing in or around the tree. Patches of brittle bark with deep wounds are a sign that your tree may be infected or full of parasites.

Tree service professionals can heal a damaged or diseased tree using a variety of methods, each of which depend on what the tree’s main issue is. After a tree analysis, a a tree service company may use sharp, accurate tools to remove rotting bark and encourage the growth of new, healthy wood that covers the old wound. Clearing out the surrounding grounds of deadwood and fallen branches can also discourage the presence of parasites and diseases, lowering the risk of future issues as well.

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