When It’s Time to Remove Your Tree

Tree removal can be difficult, both in the technical aspect and the personal aspect of removing something that used to decorate your property and perhaps provide shade as well. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Here are five signs of damage that may mean it’s time to remove your tree:

  1. Heaving or raised soil at the base of the trunk or anywhere beneath the canopy
  2. Fungus growing around the base of the trunk
  3. Trunk cracks and cavities and peeling or chipped bark
  4. Dead branches hanging in the upper parts of the tree
  5. Fine twigs without leaves or buds at the ends of branches

It’s important to remember that trees are alive and like anything else that is alive, they will eventually lose health and die. Removing dead or fatally infected trees from your property is potentially removing a safety hazard that could affect you, your property and other trees on the property.

Qualified tree care professionals understand the difference between pulling the trigger on a dead or dying tree versus removing a healthy, mature tree that is simply large.

Tree felling is the primary method of tree removal and poses several dangers to non-professionals. You should always contact a professional to remove hazard trees.

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