Identify Insects for the Best Tree Pest Removal

It is important to keep animals, insects and diseases from your property’s trees to protect the plants from damage. You can identify a variety of insects by taking a photograph of the pest to look for the creature at an online site. After identifying a pest, you can determine how to get rid of it along with preventing a new infestation.

There are several ways to keep pests away from your lawn’s trees, including:

  • Sticky traps – good for trapping pests that try to infest fruit trees
  • Spraying pesticides – using natural or man-made substances
  • Proper care – pests are less likely to infest healthy trees
  • Tree removal – remove an unhealthy tree to prevent additional contamination
  • Metal bands – place metal bands at the bottom of the trees’ trunks
  • Hanging objects – prevent bird infestations by hanging items from the branches
  • Fill holes – fill holes in trees to prevent infestation from squirrels and insects

Understand the Signs of Tree Diseases to Protect the Other Trees On Your Property

For effective tree disease control, buy new trees from reputable plant nurseries to avoid contaminating the older trees on your property. When you notice the signs of a disease on one of your trees, contact a landscaper or arborist right away for professional assistance to protect the other trees on your property.

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