Whom Is Qualified to Actually Prune a Tree?

If you care about the trees on your property, the best option you have is to speak with a certified arborist that specializes in tree pruning. Not just “Tree Trimming.” Anyone can go and advertise that they cut tree branches, but trust us when we tell you that there is a science to this.

Different cuts need to be made depending on the age of the tree, the species, the season, and the location. All things considered whomever you hire should be very conservative in their cuts. Realize that each cut made is going to create a wound which needs to heal. If it doesn’t heal properly, you’re in for an entirely different set of problems. Please don’t just hire anyone that claims to “prune or trim trees.” Ask questions and get informed, only then will you be able to see whether the company or person is up to the task at hand.

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