What is a Certificate of Insurance for a Tree Company?

One of the biggest understated secrets out there is that tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Each year climbers get fatally injured, branches fall wreaking havoc on property and injuring people. So it’s very important that if you do need tree work done, it’s performed by a professional company with all of the necessary paperwork to back them up.

You should ask upfront for a copy of a tree care company’s liability insurance as well as workman’s compensation. These are two very important documents and they’ll reveal to you whether the company at least fits your criteria during the bidding or shopping process.

Also these policies need to be examined closely by you. Some companies try to save money by listing that they only work on trees up to 10 feet in the air. This means that the policy only covers accidents up to branches 10 feet in the air, what happens if you hire someone with this policy to work on a tree 50 feet into the air? That would be a bad move. Assess what’s currently in your landscape that you need help with and make sure to get a thorough look at your tree care or arborist’s insurance paperwork to make sure they’re good to go!

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