Tree Pruning for Preventative Reasons

Tree pruning for preventative reasons is very important. Preventative pruning is the process of trimming off dead or dying limbs or other parts of a tree to prevent rot from spreading to the base of a tree. If preventative trimming and pruning do not take place, disease and rot may spread to the base of a tree or even to other trees. The best way to get rid of disease or decay in a tree is by nipping the problem in the bud early.

If taken care of early, most trees can survive to live long lives. Trimming is a good idea before disease even pops up so that there is less chance of a tree having problems in the future. It is easier for trees to begin to rot and decay once they have become overgrown. The only way to keep a tree from becoming overgrown is to periodically trim off excess branches. Though it may seem counterintuitive, preventative pruning and trimming is one of the best ways to keep a tree alive and thriving.

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