Tree Planting Along Sidewalks

Planting a tree along a sidewalk is a great way to add beauty to your neighborhood or street while also providing shade or a wind shelter for anybody passing by. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind while sidewalk tree planting.

Tree planting should take into account the type of tree being planted, the location you are planting in, and how you plant the tree itself. When choosing a tree, opt for one that will likely not cause any structural problems to the sidewalk itself, or any other aspects of infrastructure for that matter, including pipes and electrical wiring.

There are smaller and less invasive varieties of most popular trees, like the Trident or Hedge Maple. Smaller trees, when planted at an appropriate depth, are less likely to push up the sidewalk or crack any of the concrete blocks making up the sidewalk.

Sidewalk tree planting provides a nice atmosphere to the surrounding areas and improves the curb appeal, when a fitting tree is chosen and taken care of. The risk of sidewalk damage can be minimized or even eliminated if you take into account planting your tree at a suitable distance from the sidewalk and deep enough to avoid protruding roots.

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