Tree Branches & Power Lines

Tree limbs can pose a huge risk when located close to power lines. The branches can weight down the lines, leading to damage and risk to human life, either in the form of electrocution or electrical fires.

Tree branch cutting is the first line of defense against trees growing too close against a power line. If the branches push against the lines, or if the tree falls, the power lines could be downed. The possibility of branches growing against the power lines can be diminished if the practice of directional pruning is utilized.

Directional pruning is the process of pruning and trimming a plant with the objective of encouraging it to grow in a certain direction. The process is simple, when it comes to preventing power line damage. Prune only the branches that grow in the direction of the power lines, and the trees larger limbs that remain will continue to grow in the future, budding new twigs and leaves away from the power lines naturally.

An added bonus to pruning your trees and keeping them away from power lines, is that it makes any future alterations or maintenance to the tree much easier. Without having to worry about hitting power lines and possibly harming yourself, tending to your trees becomes a simple and leisurely task.

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