Tips for removing a tree safely

For whatever reason that you decide to cut down your tree, there are many important rules to follow to ensure a safe tree removal if you plan to do it yourself rather than hiring an expert.

You may want to check the weather forecast to see if any lightning is expected – you probably don’t want to be surprised by it when you’re standing on a metal ladder with a chainsaw in hand.

Look at the surroundings carefully for power lines. If the tree is closer than ten feet to a power line, you may want to call a professional.

If you decide to go ahead with the tree removal, you may want to use safety equipment. Hardhats, gloves, work boots, safety glasses, and a steady ladder with an anchorman. Knowing your way around a chainsaw or whatever implement you plan to use is essential, too.

When approaching the tree, look for signs of rot that can pose a hazard by being falling suddenly. You also need to make sure there is no one underneath the tree that shouldn’t be there, so you should measure out and create what is called a “felling zone”.

If you plan to discard the tree yourself, safety for wood choppers is of utmost importance. Serious injury or death can occur from even the slightest slip-up while using one.

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