Shrub Care Tips for All Seasons

Planting shrubs can be an easy way to add height and greenery to your home garden or landscape. They can give your house a more manicured, formal look and can be surprisingly low maintenance, depending on the variety.

No matter what type of shrub you decide to plant, there are some shrub care basics that you should familiarize yourself with.


Pruning is part of the seasonal shrub maintenance you should do every year, in late fall, winter or early spring. Regardless of whether you decide to prune for aesthetic reasons (to get a desired size or shape), you should always prune out any dead or diseased branches.


Shrubs need reliable moisture the first year or two after they’ve been planted or transplanted. An inch of water each week should be enough to help young shrubs become established. Once their roots have been given time to establish, they should only need extra watering during extended periods with little or no rainfall.

Following these basic tips will help ensure your shrubs stay healthy and beautiful year after year.

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