Saving Your Tree If It’s Dying

If you notice your tree has dead patches of wood and bark, dropping leaves, deep cracks, and is leaning or drooping to one side, the tree may be dying. Luckily, there are tree care services that specialize in preserving your tree before it’s too late.

Tree saving is not a one-step task. Professional Arborists or tree care services have the appropriate equipment and know-how to identify a diseased or unhealthy tree and how to fix it.

The problems attributed to your tree are almost always related to its physical condition or location. If the tree has exposed roots, check to see if they are rotting. Too much mulch could stifle a tree’s growth, cracks and deep cuts into a tree can cause diseases or infections, and even things as simple as keeping your tree well-pruned and properly watered can prevent issues.

Too little water, during times of drought, will leave your tree unable to properly grow and function. Too much water can drown your tree over time and create an environment that is suitable for rot, diseases, tree infections, and parasites that are detrimental to the tree’s health. Tree saving is doable if you properly identify the issues and deal with them accordingly, preferably with the aid of a professional tree care service.

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