Proper Shrub Trimming Techniques

Whether you’ve got an exceptionally green thumb, or are a tree trimming novice, learning, practicing, and understanding shrub care is an important part of horticulture upkeep. For optimal tree growth, each of the following shrub trimming regimens should be practiced.


Pinching or cutting lengthy shoots boosts side branch growth. A tight two-finger clasp around the shoot prevents it from taking a firm shape.

Heading Back

Much like the pinching technique, heading back aims to eliminate the terminal portion of a branch. A successful heading back will leave the healthy section of a branch or bud exposed. To stimulate growth, be sure to cut bottom buds so the top ones can flourish.


Thinning is the act of removing a baby branch from its parent stem. These branches take on a “Y” shape and should be cut where the adjacent branches connect.


This form of renewal pruning aims to do away with old branches so new, fresh stems can prosper. The rejuvenation process is simple: cut back all the branches until they’re all the same height.


While shearing compromises the natural shape of a shrub, it’s an effective way to eliminate terminal shoots.

Helpful Hints

-A clean blade makes for a blunt cut.

-Rub your blade down with antiseptic – sterile blades reduce the risk of shrub infection.

-Don’t prolong a shrub trimming as that could lead to total plant devastation.

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