Ornamental Tree Pruning


Ornamental tree pruning is a delicate trimming technique that requires great attention to detail. While ordinary tree trimming places emphasis on weeding out unnecessary or damaged branches, ornamental tree trimming takes on a much more light-handed approach. The process involves a thinning technique that aims to promote natural branch patterns, lessen density, and expose the trunk. Essentially, ornamental tree pruning facilitates growth, enhances natural beauty, and breathes life back into a tree through a thinning method.

Optimal season techniques

During summer, it’s best to trim when the leaves have reached their full potential. What’s more, the heat makes it easier to identify terminal branches. During colder months, trimming is warranted any time between complete leaf fall and the blossoming of the first spring buds.

Prime pruning practices

While ornamental tree pruning may appear to be an intricate form of trimming, following a few basic rules can simplify the process.

  • Identify branches that no longer belong e.g. terminal, decayed, or broken limbs, and discard them.
  • Begin thinning with a light hand. Easy does it when it comes to trimming ornamental trees. A cautious thinning approach makes for an even, uniformed result.
  • Consider the shape of the tree and hone in on its strengths. Horizontal branches should be hollowed out between them while vertical branches only require a light thinning between branches.

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