Looking Out for Warning Signs With Unhealthy Trees


Unhealthy trees could be a huge hazard and liability for your property and (or) the people roaming around the tree(s). We specialize in providing hazardous tree inspections to residential and commercial properties throughout Asheville & Hendersonville, NC.

The only good thing about unhealthy trees is that they’re warning signs are easy more often than not to spot. We look for all types of things including:

Cracks in the trunk
Expose Roots
Dead, diseased, Broken or Rubbing Branches
Leaning Tree
Excessive dropping of leaves, needles or pine cones
Holes in the tree
Discolored Bark
Missing Bark

We provide tree disease control service, spraying, injections, and practically any other major service required to fix your trees if they need any type of surgery. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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