Why You Should Only Hire an Insured Arborist

Maintaining a tree’s health, upholding an adequate lawn presence, and remaining safe while working with pruning equipment are all taxing responsibilities. Tasking an unlicensed and uninsured arborist with these duties only adds to the stress. Working with insured arborists, however, alleviates these doubts while making it enjoyable to improve upon your landscape.

Licensed & insured arborists are the most reputable specialists when it comes to tree care. Their services come equipped with a multitude of coverage options so homeowners don’t have to worry about injuries, mishaps, and accidents falling under their umbrella. Workers compensation, for instance, ensures that all worker injuries that happen on the jobsite be handled by the tree service company. This includes falls, abrasions, concussions, etc. On the flip side, uninsured companies would expect homeowners to carry this burden.

General liability coverage is especially helpful when accounting for third party “uh-ohs.” Let’s say it’s a week after your tree has been serviced and a branch has inexplicably fallen from the tree, landed on your neighbor’s fence, and crushed it to smithereens. General liability insurance states that no one but the company who administered the service should be responsible for mending such damage.

Finally, insured arborists will provide commercial auto insurance. This coverage plans holds services liable for any damage their vehicles may do on-site. With licensed & insured arborists, homeowners can sit back, relax, and watch their foliage flourish.

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