All the Different Methods of Tree Pruning

Vitamins are to humans as pruning is to trees. Essentially, they both aim to promote long-term health and facilitate growth. Without proper pruning upkeep, trees become more susceptible to harsh weather conditions and permanent damage. Fortunately, there are a number of tree trimming methods that can be utilized. Among the four most reliable tree pruning methods are:

Crown reduction

This tree pruning method is generally performed when larger trees need to be shortened for safety purposes. When making reduction cuts, be sure the foliage remains uncompromised.

Crown thinning

This pruning technique breathes light and air back into trees. Through the selective removal of dense branches, thinning is achieved. However, it’s important to target the ends of the limbs so the tree is left with a uniformed look.

Clean trimming

To eliminate unwanted decay, dilapidated branches, or terminal limbs, arborists would recommend this strategy. It’s a simple cleaning method that does away with detrimental factors and allows mature trees to flourish.

Crown lifting

This method is most effective when doled out every few years. The intent is to clear space between the lowest hanging branch and the ground to make way for building, signs, traffic, pedestrians, etc. Also, when there’s a distinct gap between the ground and where a tree branch begins, it makes the tree more visually appealing.

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