The Dangers of Tree Removal

Sometimes trees must be removed for safety reasons, but the tree removal danger in many cases is quite significant. Very large trees especially should almost always be removed by a professional. The main factors in tree removal danger include:

– Being hit by falling branches or trunks

– Electrocution

– Tool injury

In the process of cutting down a tree, branches and the top parts of the trunk are removed first. You can easily be hit by either part if you don’t cut it correctly. The first third of the tree is cut parallel and then the last part is cut at an angle to direct its fall.

Often trees needing to be removed for safety reasons are near power lines, which then presents the risk of electrocution. It’s important to have the power company turn off or ground the lines, but at the same time, you can never be sure that they’re off so you’ll still want to avoid them while cutting.

The last tree removal danger is tool injury. Chainsaws are most commonly used to remove trees, but they can be very dangerous. Make sure you don’t cut in an awkward position or directly overhead where you could lose control. Further make sure to remove anything that could cause the saw to kick back.

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